100 Random Furniture Flipping Tips

A Video Series

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It takes years to hone your skills and find out the best way to do things. But what if you could be a fly on the shoulder of the most experienced furniture artists and see how they get things done - easily, quickly, and without mishaps? 


Now you can!

>> 100 tips to help you on your furniture flipping journey. <<

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End the frustration. Find out what the insiders know easily and quickly by 50+ videos with information broken down in bite-sized pieces - all in one place to be consumed at your convenience. Some videos are just 30 seconds long - short and to the point tips so you can get on your way and go paint!

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Desk into night stands before
Nightstands After4
Nightstands After8

Are you tired of spending hours online in Facebook groups trying to learn how to redesign a piece that lasts and turns heads? Do you have questions about selling?

  • When should I use oil-based primer?
  • How do I apply polycrylic and polyurethane?
  • What is the best way to clean stencils and brushes?
  • How do I remove drips? Is it possible to put water-based products over oil-based?
  • Why is my top coat yellowing?
  • What grit sandpaper should I use before staining?
  • How do I answer low-ballers?

All these questions answered and more in the 100 Random Furniture Flipping Tips Video Series!

Furniture Flipping Blueprint