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An online membership for creatives who desire to become confident and skilled furniture artists.

No more searching. No more wondering. No more frustration. Step-by-step instruction is the easiest way to learn how to redesign furniture and eliminate the guesswork. You will gain back precious time, stop losing money on failed attempts and stop doubting yourself when you join The Blueprint.

Come join us today and learn how to find outdated and unwanted furniture, turn it into art, and then turn it into cash.

If this sounds familiar, then grab your paint brush because you are in the right place. It's time to enjoy the journey!


This is your personal invitation to enroll in

Furniture Flipping Blueprint


Are you ready to go to the next level?

Furniture Flipping Blueprint


Feeling a lack of confidence

isn't fun for anyone.

When furniture redesigners envision a beautiful piece but have trouble making that vision a reality, frustration and discouragement set in. It doesn't help that hundreds of beautiful pieces are posted online by experienced artists that create in us feelings of intimidation. They are inspiring, but if we just sit there in awe but don't know how to duplicate them, our confidence can be shattered.

We say, "I wish I could do that," and walk away, or spend hours looking for videos to show us how to do the special techniques that bring in the buyers. By the end of our day, we no longer feel like doing anything artsy.

You may feel like a failure or "less than" as a furniture artist. It's not your fault but it sure feels like it.

Join us to gain the confidence you need to create amazing furniture art and create a successful furniture flipping business. Become a leader in our furniture flipping world.


You are not alone.

From the moment we start learning about furniture redesign, we imagine what it would be like to create beautiful, long lasting and highly sought after furniture pieces. We picture bringing in added income and earning a spot in the world of art.

We imagine receiving hundreds of "Wow", "Beautiful", "Amazing" comments on social media while confidently exchanging our highly coveted pieces of art for wads of bills and a gushing, "Thank you," from our customers.

But what happens when this doesn't happen right away or we run into issues during the redesign process? You start to doubt yourself and wonder if you really have what it takes. Can I ease your mind a bit?

It truly can be frustrating and discouraging when you start out and even when you've been at it for a while. You just need the right tools so you can be a confident, skilled furniture artist. Furniture Flipping Blueprint is your solution.

Furniture Flipping Blueprint

THE Membership to Join for Furniture Flippers! ←


24/7 guidance at your fingertips.

Online. All in one place.

Furniture Flipping Blueprint


You know and can create all the popular and trendy techniques of furniture redesign with consistent quality and with the eye of an artist. You STAND OUT online.

Furniture Flipping Blueprint


Your design and creativity continually grows as your use products, tools and the methods becomes second nature. You are a leader in the furniture redesign crowd.

Furniture Flipping Blueprint

Online Presence

You SHOW UP consistently for your audience with a clearer understanding of your customers, the market and what you have to offer.

Furniture Flipping Blueprint

Solid Foundation

You have solid redesign and business knowledge and practice with no more worrying over what to do and when to do it. Your brand is recognized.

Are you ready to become a


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FFB PRO Annual - $497/yr.

12 Month All Inclusive Membership (Recurring Annual Payment)
  • Full Access to All Redesign Modules
  • Full Access to All Marketing Modules
  • Online Access to Updates & FFB Library
  • Exclusive Discounts from Popular Companies
  • Exclusive Discount to Furniture Flipping Market
  • Access to Closed FB Insiders Tribe with Challenges, Special Training, Mentoring and More!
  • Special Invite to our Annual Member Meet-ups

FFB PRO Monthly - $45/mo.

Monthly All Inclusive Membership (Recurring Monthly Payment)
  • Full Access to All Redesign Modules
  • Full Access to All Marketing Modules
  • Online Access to Updates & FFB Library
  • Exclusive Discounts from Popular Companies
  • Exclusive Discount to Furniture Flipping Market
  • Access to Closed FB Insiders Tribe with Challenges, Special Training, Mentoring and More!
  • Special Invite to our Annual Member Meet-ups

**GUARANTEE** If for any reason you decide the Blueprint isn't for you after you've joined and have taken a look at the many modules of information, email me at Val@ValFrania.com within 7 days of purchase and I'll refund your money. You are important to me and I want you to be "all in" and glad to be here!

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When you join you will find 30+ modules, labeled and easy to navigate with the different steps you need to take from finding your piece to taking it to market. 17 will be available right away, the technique modules are delivered each week for 13+ weeks.

Each is listed below in order with a detailed description.






MODULE 1 - Most Recommended Products

Stop wasting money - tap into the experience of seasoned flippers and explore our preferred strippers, primers, odor blockers, thinners & cleaners, bonding agents, tools, fillers and more. Photos, links, tips and explanations are all included.


MODULE 2 - Prepping Your Piece to Last

Are those "nonpreppers" right? Do we need to prep our pieces? Have you wondered how to go about cleaning, sanding, stripping, repairing and priming? Dispel all the myths and confusing advice with step-by-step instructions. Learn proper prep and have confidence in the quality and longevity of your product.


MODULE 3 - Repairing Your Piece

Does the thought of repairs stress you out?  The quality of your repairs can make the difference between your piece looking like an amateurish piece or truly professional. I got you covered with product suggestions, how-tos, tips and examples.


MODULE 4 - Got Tools?

Have you ever been frustrated over a project taking longer than it should because you didn't have the right tool? Having the right tool can make the difference between your project taking 5 minutes or hours...and hours. No one wants to spend a boat load of cash thinking they MIGHT want a certain tool - or perhaps you may not even know what's out there.


MODULE 5 - Paint, Stain, Topcoats - Oh My!

Alkyd, latex, chalk, milk paint, mineral paint, so many choices! Oil or water base? Glaze or Stain? How about dyes, top coats, waxes? So many choices can be daunting. Get the inside scoop and save time and money!


MODULE 6 - It's Time to Paint!

Should you use a sprayer, roller or brush? How DO you use a sprayer and when and why? Explore how-to videos on spraying, avoiding brush strokes, tips on using specific paint types, etc. Want to avoid mistakes and gain insider tips? This is THAT module.


MODULE 7 - Stain Your Piece

Learn about the different types of stain, how to prepare your surface for a better outcome with tips along with videos on different ways to stain. You will find specific tips, tutorials and video on how to use Java Gel.


MODULE 8 - Is Top Coating as Scary as it Seems?

The most talked about and questioned step - top coating! This module clears up the confusion. Though preference comes by use, it helps to know the ins and outs of each product and its application. Spraying is also addressed and demonstrated. Your confidence will soar!


MODULE 9 - Don't Be Distressed Over Distressing!

Try several types of distressing, aging or antiquing outlined here to become proficient at creating the different types of looks. Or, find your fave and stick with just one. Most stop at simple sandpaper distressing and don't continue to perfect the other different techniques.


MODULE 10 - Techniques

Do you look at all the great pieces posted online and think, "OH I WISH I COULD DO THAT!" Well you can now - Creating Texture, Dry Brushing, Stenciling, Glazing, and much more, delivered one at a time for 12+ weeks!


MODULE 11 - Specialty Tools, Resources & Products

You might not even know about half of these, but once you use them - voilá! The job just became so much easier! Let's talk about glues, fasteners & clamps, tools for design, specialty brushes, stencil & trims options, online hardware stores, etc.

>> Plus Four Marketing Modules <<

De-stressing the Pricing Process

The psychology of pricing, dealing with customers, knowing your market, confidence in your pricing +

Staging Your Finished Piece

Lighting, backdrops & flooring, sheen or shine, props & accessories, detail shots, the MONEY SHOT +

The Advertising Process Explained

Professional staging/photos, listing descriptions, advertising, logos/watermarks, pricing +

The Organized Professional

Care tags, price tags, invoices, disclaimers, invoices, storage agreements, custom work contracts +

Eliminate the Guesswork

Hi. I'm Val Frania, and I'm here to help you succeed.

Experience needs to be shared. As we raised our family of 15 kids, frugality and the do-it-yourself lifestyle became second nature. DH (dear hubby) and I focused on being self-sufficient and creative, determining to have a lifestyle of service to others. Now we want to share our experience and knowledge of furniture redesign and marketing, and really, life in general online through blogs, social media and Furniture Flipping Blueprint. 

Does this sound like you?


    • Spending hours watching long videos and sifting through all the online info?
    • Struggling to learn new techniques and feeling intimidated or left behind?
    • Purchasing products and tools you are unsure how to use?
    • Struggling to find buyers?

Yes! I was frustrated myself when I first started too. That's why I created The Blueprint.

    • Over 200 short and to the point video tutorials with tested and accurate information at your fingertips for both redesign and marketing.
    • Recommended products, linked and pictured to help you gain confidence in your process.
    • And much more...

How is The Blueprint and our Insider's FB PRO Group different?

    • No longer feel alone in an amazing safe community unlike others - no drama!
    • Everything you need is at your fingertips, online, 24/7/365.

Take These Three Steps to Fast-Track Your Business!


Join Furniture Flipping Blueprint

This will be your online 24/7/365 manual that will give you all the information you need to re-design and market your pieces.
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Join the Fast-Action FB Group

Join FFB PRO - it's the next step so you can surround yourself with like-minded people can make all the difference in your level of success. (For full program members)
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Commit to Doing What it Takes

Sometimes we need to change our methods and try something new. To grow your business and become a better artist, you need to commit to doing what it takes.

The Blueprint is a 24/7/365, A to Z Online Manual

The Blueprint is a 24/7/365, A to Z Online Manual

With Over 200 Technique & Tips Videos!



Project pic for website8
Project pic for website5
Project pic for website7
Project pic for website4

What is in the Blueprint?


How to clean, prep, paint, stain and topcoat, etc.

Quick fixes, problem solvers, repair tips & recipes

Specialty painting and finishing techniques & tips



Product highlights, insiders tips on usage and recommendations

Resources including Amazon product links & discount codes



Backgrounds, flooring and lighting options, staging examples

The science behind staging, photography & pricing

Dealing with customers & how to de-stress the marketing process

Sample forms, pricing examples, printables & disclaimers

                                                                    And more...


Delivery: Modules 1-9 & 11-15 are available from day one and the techniques Module #10 holds the technique tutorials, delivering one technique tutorial every week for 13+ weeks.

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FFB PRO Annual - $497/yr.

12 Month All Inclusive Membership (Recurring Annual Payment)
  • Full Access to All Redesign Modules
  • Full Access to All Marketing Modules
  • Online Access to Updates & FFB Library
  • Exclusive Discounts from Popular Companies
  • Exclusive Discount to Furniture Flipping Market
  • Access to Closed FB Insiders Tribe with Challenges, Special Training, Mentoring and More!
  • Special Invite to our Annual Member Meet-ups

FFB PRO Monthly - $45/mo.

Monthly All Inclusive Membership (Recurring Monthly Payment)
  • Full Access to All Redesign Modules
  • Full Access to All Marketing Modules
  • Online Access to Updates & FFB Library
  • Exclusive Discounts from Popular Companies
  • Exclusive Discount to Furniture Flipping Market
  • Access to Closed FB Insiders Tribe with Challenges, Special Training, Mentoring and More!
  • Special Invite to our Annual Member Meet-ups

**GUARANTEE** If for any reason you decide the Blueprint isn't for you after you've joined and have taken a look at the many modules of information, email me at Val@ValFrania.com within 7 days of purchase and I'll refund your money. You are important to me and I want you to be "all in" and glad to be here!

But wait...there's more!

12 Month Social Media Calendar



12 months 3x/wk of prompts to help you be more consistent in posting to your business page and Instagram.  This offer is limited!

    • Show up for your audience to build your following
    • Help your followers get to know you and what you offer
    • Plan out your social media posts easier and quicker
    • Great for those days that have you swamped and wanting for ideas




Furniture Flipping Blueprint PRO

* EXCLUSIVE BONUS for ALL FFB PRO Members ($120/yr Value) *

Small Intimate Closed FB Group

Become friends with like-minded furniture artists who will help you move forward - find your tribe!

Unlimited Project Sharing

Share projects, tips, techniques, marketing, troubleshooting, etc. with fellow members.

Marketing & Design Challenges

Participate in tribe challenges to help you progress quickly in the area of design & marketing.


* BONUS for ALL New FFB PRO Members *

Download any or all of the 50+, 8x10 Word Art Posters (for personal use, not for resale as posters) 

This may not have anything to do with furniture flipping, but it is fun and we need fun in our lives! But then again, you COULD decoupage these onto wood signs or even furniture! 

word art poster
word art poster2


* BONUSES for ALL FFB PRO Members ($200/yr Value) *

Redesigning Ruby Course

Ruby, an ordinary ol' end table, is the star of the show in this 10+ video course designed specifically for a recent Facebook challenge, "Let's Flip Together".

Ruby IG2

The Confidence Video Series

Are you lacking confidence in your redesign skills or marketing? This is a series of videos that will challenge and inspire you.

Top 2% Video Poster

The Top 2% Video Series

Do you wonder how some "make it" and others don't? I show you how to improve areas of your life to become the top 2% personally and in business.

Confidence Challenge Vid Poster

Grow Your Brand on FB

How do we utilize Facebook to grow an audience, or brand and become a household word? It's easier than you think.

Use FB to build brand vid poster

It's Good to Have a Tribe...

Lidia Martins head shot new

Lidia Martins @ Vintique Paint Addict

"Val, I appreciate the hard work that you and your family do for me in this group. Your modules are a personal library that give me peace of mind, knowing when I need something, it's all in one spot. and your videos are short and very clear to follow. I can tell you put your heart into us and I personally have grown so much because of you. What other group spends their valuable time and money to sending us little gifts? You're the cat's meow. I appreciate you and all you do for us."


Robin Raible @ Dusty to Divine

"The Blueprint is for people of all levels, especially people starting out because it puts all of the information for you in one place. There is no wondering "What group did I see that in?" or, "Did I save that post?" Val keeps great information all in one place. Then she has the closed [FB PRO] group of people that are an endless resource of support and knowledge. My skill, business and most of all confidence have grown leaps and bounds since I joined."    

Sandy Young

Sandy K. Young

"I can't imagine where I'd be if it wasn't for this wonderful, kind, brilliant, artistic lady. And the talented, helpful, kind members of this group! Awesomeness!!!!"

RoseMarie Brown head shot

RoseMarie Brown @ Furniture Revival

"This group and Val will make your furniture business and or painting hobby one of the best decisions you will ever make. I had a vision that quickly lost its luster with a group I was in prior to meeting Val. The moment I joined this group I was quickly catapulted back on track with my vision for my business. It is a fun group of likeminded women with the perfect leader guiding us to where we need to be...I have definitely received more from this group than I have paid."


Paula Bausworth @ Finds and Redesigns by PaulaB

"The Blueprint has changed my way of thinking. I new enjoy getting into my zone and attempting to be creative. But more importantly, the wealth of information you have right at your fingertips 24/7 AND the comradery in this group is priceless. You won't regret!"

Paula Goldman

Paula Goldman @ Castaways by Paula

"Joining the Blueprint and being mentored by Val Frania continues to be my compass for creating a professional business. Every aspect of growing my business is covered, from techniques to contracts to an online presence. This is a quality "product" made up of experience, knowledge, and good old fashioned know-how. The bonus has been all the other members who are incredibly supportive. Very grateful."

Have More Questions?

General Questions

FURNITURE FLIPPING BLUEPRINT PRO is a 24/7/365 online membership site where you can learn all things furniture design and marketing, sort of like a course, but it's more like a manual you can access 24/7 with "modules" full of information, both written and video. It is accessed by members from the welcome page where there are links to each set of modules listed by subject. It's along the lines of Netflix, but not for entertainment, for learning and is constantly being updated. You sign on after you enroll and have MONTHLY OR YEARLY when you subscribe, depending on what plan you choose. The annual plan is a one time payment up front. Your credit card is automatically billed the same amount each year even if it goes up in price. You don't have to think about it again and it's there when you need it! Once you enroll you are locked into that price and it will never increase for you as long as you remain a member. 

When you enroll into Furniture Flipping Blueprint PRO, you are given FFB PRO as a free bonus, our private Facebook group. It's where we all chat as friends about our projects, ask questions, compare notes, show off our projects. I post challenges and we even occasionally have prizes. We all work together to help advance you toward your flipping goals. This bonus is not available to those choosing FFB Redesign.

If you are in this business to flip pieces, you really can't afford NOT to join! If you want to save time and money, then hop on FFB and get the insider information at your fingertips on FFB 24/7 and then take advantage of our FB group, PRO for support. It's the best way to SAVE money and time. No more guessing how to do things, what is the best product, or even IF you can do this. FFB is the fast track to success. No more frustration or spending hours online when you can be putting out great pieces now. The money you save with the insiders information will pay for FFB PRO over and over.

I suppose that depends! If you want to learn quickly and easily furniture art and marketing, join FFB PRO. If you want to take your time and soak it all in, learning and growing at your own pace, join FFB PRO. If you want to build your confidence as you learn how to turn out great artistic pieces of furniture, join FFB PRO. If you want to learn how to prep right so your piece lasts...if you want to know the trendy styles and expert techniques, join FFB PRO. If you'd like to be surrounded by friends who love the same things you do, then join! DON'T join if you want to just slap on the paint and sell your pieces cheaply and don't care how they last or what your reputation is. We are in it to win it and we want to help you win too.

FFB PRO is a go at your own pace, use it in your own way sort of program. Sure, we want to get to know you, offer our support and wisdom, but there are no requirements. You will get out of it what you put into it. Use it how you see fit and enjoy the ride! We are here to help you in any way you need. FFB PRO is chock full of information that will help you progress as an artist and become a name in your niche - a name that is well spoken of and known for quality pieces. The sky is the limit when you apply yourself and dig into the information to improve your skills. Jump in and realize your dreams!

I set up occasional challenges on our Facebook FFB PRO group for members for two reasons. 1. It's fun to compete for points and earn badges of honor in the group (and sometimes prizes!) and 2. challenging ourselves makes us better artisans. The challenges are a way to progress toward PRO status together, with support and other members cheering us on. We are developing a community of support that can't be found in the larger groups.

Become a PRO Redesign Artist and Marketer In Less Than a Year...


Beverly Watson & Rose Brown tell you about their first year in the Blueprint

Beverly Watson

Rose Brown

Our Experience Is Your Best Teacher

Let me lend you MY experience on your furniture flipping journey to save you time, money and frustration. I have 1000+ hours of classroom, online research, experimentation and hands on workshop experience to share, and I am currently sharing my know-how around the globe in over 100 countries:

Online Coaching

0 years


0 years


0 years

Online Followers


In Over 100 Countries



Lucretia Waldbuesser

Furniture Artisan at K/C ReCreations

"I had the pleasure of meeting Val at the General Finishes Furniture Expo in September 2017. I was surprised at how easy it was to spend time with her, as though I had known her years not days. I am impressed with her desire to learn new techniques increasing her knowledge and her willingness to share that knowledge with others. Her Furniture Flipping Blueprint is a testimony of her desire to share. I had the pleasure of being one of the reviewers of her site. It (FFB) is an excellent site full of information from buying the piece, prepping it, techniques for finishing, staging and marketing and resources related to supplies and where to purchase supplies. There are many informative videos to support the techniques she is teaching. It's a wonderful site that will benefit new furniture flippers and experienced flippers." 


Derrick Lawless

DLawless Hardware

"There are very few furniture artists and custom furniture painters that can keep up with Val on the talent side of things and I doubt anyone can keep up with her on the enthusiasm and energy she brings to her work. I've seen many of her projects and met her recently at a painting expo. She's a wonderful person and top tier talent!"

Have You Wondered Where You Fall on the Path to Success?

Below you will find the Success Path that I give to my Blueprint Members when they join. It will give you a glimpse into what we do and talk about on our FB PRO group. Join the Blueprint and it will help you fast-track your journey to being a furniture flipping PRO!

Let's Flip Together!

Join our furniture flipping community and let's go and make our mark on the world.

Are you ready to get started?

We are waiting for you!

If you have any questions, email me. I'm here to help >>>