Making an Applique

Stepping Up Your Game in Furniture Artistry

What's the best way to make your pieces stand out?

There's a lot of talk about how the market is flooded with painted furniture. Besides stepping up your game in marketing, how about we step up our game in furniture art as well? Adding appliques isn't a hard technique, but not everyone is confident enough to do it. But I can see you are just by the fact you came her to see the video. So let's get you started!

A Prep Talk

7 Steps of Prep to Keep You in Step

Who Has the Best Chance at Becoming a Leader in Our Furniture Flipping Niche?

Only about 20% of those who say they want to perfect their creative and marketing skills actually follow through. Be sure to listen to the end as I describe those who fit into that group - I bet you are part of that 20% since you took the time to find out more about what it takes. Welcome to the top 20. You are on your way.

Furniture Flipping Blueprint