Show Me the Dream

Do you have a dream? Are you pursuing it?

Let me introduce you to a couple of my Blueprint members...


Cheryl Hunt of CeCe ReStyled - Visionary, Dreamer, Artist

Cheryl and I first met on Furniture Flipping Forum and then she joined my furniture flipper's membership, Furniture Flipping Blueprint, in June of 2018. I've seen her make major strides in her art as well as her business pursuits in just one year. She is a gem. A shooting star.

I'll let her tell you her story...

Beverly Watson from Peach Street Restyled  - Confident, Consistent, Talented

Beverly is one of those "sure and steady" kind of business women who will dig in and make it work, never questioning if she's got what it takes, yet humble enough to know there is much to learn. She has consistently and with determination taken every challenge and suggestion and turned it into gold for her business.

In her own words she'll tell you about her progress...

Do you want to start dreaming? Do you want to become a Cheryl or Beverly?

It's so important to find your tribe. Everyone needs a support system, someone to cheer you on and tell you you're going to make it. We have a unique relationship in our PRO group (the FB group attached to the Blueprint). We chat, we share, we enjoy one another's company. We are a community based on the same vision - grow, be better, love what we do.

As an example of what goes on in our tribe, FFB PRO, Cheryl recently posted a meme recently that said, "I never dreamed I'd grow up to be a professional furniture HOARDER but here I am KILLIN" IT!" ~ confessions of a furniture hoarder

Here's the chat we had - we don't just learn, grow, and get support, we have fun in our tribe too - isn't that what a tribe is for?:

Happy Hoarders PRO convo w Cheryl

Whether it's with us or someone else...



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