Welcome to the Learning the Basics Workshops. I am Val Frania and this is the first in a series where I share with you the ins and outs of furniture flipping, specifically, how we can stand out and show up online to grow our audience and make more sales.

This was originally shared months ago during a special week just before I launched my membership, Furniture Flipping Blueprint, so you may hear some references to that. We'll talk more about how you can join later, but for now, come with me as we talk about why hope marketing isn't working any more for those of us who are building a furniture flipping business and then we'll explore the different ways we can build an audience that is excited to open up their wallets to buy what you are selling.

I'll mention many things that you can implement over time - but realize it takes time. So don't let it all overwhelm you. You'll hear many different ideas today and over the course of these workshops.

Take one or two things and start implementing right away. Take notes. Plan, schedule and definitely work toward growing your dream business.

As a special bonus just for you, since you reached out and showed an interest in going from Hobby to Business, I have my exclusive workbook where you can take notes, write down ideas as you watch my videos to help you on your furniture flipping journey.

This is offered nowhere else.

Learning the Basics Workbook

I have created an online manual that my Blueprint members can reference all things A to Z furniture flipping 24/7/365. 

So down the line, you will receive more information if you want to take the next step (or if you are ready to join the Blueprint right now, go HERE). Send me an email if you have questions at or you can comment below.

Let me know more about you and your business in a comment - tell us the name of your business, what your favorite redesign is and/or tell us any ideas you have for your own business that will help you catapult you into success. I'm interested in what you are doing and your plans for your business.

>>> Here is Workshop #2 - Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.

I'm glad you're here!

Val Frania

8 thoughts on “Stand Out & Show Up F1”

    • You are welcome! You will get the next workshop via email tomorrow. Make sure you have paper and pen for notes – there’s a lot of info coming your way.

  1. AllThingsRenewed is my business name. My favorite redesign is medium size dressers and buffet’s because they have multiple uses in any home. to be success I need to figure out what colors and what items sell quickly.

    • I have no doubt that you’ll figure out your market and grow an audience in the next few weeks/months now that you are in the Blueprint. One step at a time…don’t try to do it all at once. Just keep adding to what you are doing and subtracting what isn’t helping you to move the needle.

    • Hi Val, I really enjoyed the Stand Out & Show Up workshop. I have recently retired but I have 2 different part-time jobs & 1 is only a seasonal business. I have been painting furniture for family & friends for years…for free! I have wanted to start a small business with this for years. My husband has recently had a kidney transplant & is doing great. We are building a new workshop & hopefully can get started soon. My hubby builds furniture & swings, etc. We are struggling to come up with a business name & get things started. I am anxious to view your next workshop. Thank you so much.

  2. I am looking forward to the other videos as I am looking forward to starting my business. I have a college degree but have still been stuck waitressing for a long time. This virus has made that job an even bigger risk to keep as my sole source of income. With the uncertainty in the market, getting any job is near impossible. I have been turned down for a total of 37 jobs in the past 4 months. So, I have spent all this furloughed downtime working on making something I love doing a real anchor in my life to help me change the trajectory of my future. I have not started it yet, as I am still working on getting all the tools and supplies and fine-tuning ideas for more than just the physical product. The business name is Phoenix Restorations & Custom Designs. I plan to use Shou Sugi Ban wood burning techniques to bring old pieces back to life again in a unique and rustic way. I do not exactly have a type of furniture piece that will be my main focus, but I love to transform old TV armoires into coffee/wine/or liquor bars. I also love old solid furniture with vintage hardware and design elements. No matter which piece I work on, I will find a way to add a new wood shou sugi ban element whether it is just a shelf or shiplap in the back of a bookshelf or armoire. I will also be using color blending, wax antiquing, and WoodUBend and transfers to add interest and really make them unique. To set me apart, I am hoping (if the cost allows for it) to add soft closing doors and drawers to my pieces as well, which will help modernize and add durability to the pieces. I have the first piece mapped out. I am going to work for brand recognition by having a logo that I use on all platforms, including the furniture pieces. Instead of using a sticker, since I have the wood-burning technique as my play on my company name, I will use a branding iron to burn the logo into one of the new wood pieces. I have seen similar ideas they really increase the value of the piece. I am also looking into the digital side and creating step by step classes on the beginning to end process including tools and brands I like to use. I would like to become an affiliate marketer for some of the brands and have a private Facebook group for members, similar to what it seems like you are doing. Then if my brand takes off maybe I can do merchandise and well. Some hurdles I have to overcome is that I live in an apartment with a roommate so my only workspace is our spare bedroom. I know people who would let me work out of their garage, but as you mentioned, weather elements can quickly ruin wood furniture. No to mention bugs getting stuck on wet surfaces. I will have a climate-controlled storage unit for a while to store pieces in. I hope to be able to buy a house in the next year or two so I can really have a better place to work and keep my pieces. Storage units are not cheap… I am trying to find an enclosed tent I can put in the spare bedroom to use when I sand and use the paint sprayer. That room has a patio so opening the door will work well for ventilation. I just want to keep the dust and paint from getting everywhere. I have not found a tent that will work yet, but if worse comes to worst I will try to make one out of the plastic sheeting people lay down to cover things with to create a blocked off space. Not sure how well that would work but we will see. The last hurdle is that I only have a car. So picking up pieces quickly when I see a good deal is not easy. Renting trucks cuts into profits. I am curious about things I could try to get some supplies donated. My only source of income currently is unemployment and since I am not sure how long it will take for the business to return to my restaurant, I have nothing else to depend on after the unemployment stops. That hurdle I have no answer for yet except this business…

    • Sounds like you’ve got some great plans. This is perfect timing to get your new business going and to learn all the ins and outs of furniture flipping.


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