Welcome to the second part of my Learning the Basics Workshops. We'll talk about how we can show up online this time around

Be sure to grab the bonus at the bottom!

Some of the most frustrating parts of beginning a business is trying to figure out all the details. There are things to consider like logos, payment methods, business cards and so on.

This video will help you set up your day-to-day business methods online and off, along with ideas on how to build your audience. Again, don't let yourself get overwhelmed. Choose just a few things to implement to get yourself started or to add to what you are already doing.

Let me know what you think in a comment below tell of how you have been standing out and showing up online.

As a special bonus just for you, since you reached out and showed an interest in going from Hobby to Business, I have my exclusive 100 Random Tips for Furniture Flippers (a PDF) full of great ideas on how to save time, money and frustration on your furniture flipping journey, and it's FREE!

You're going to LOVE these tips! Or, if you are a visual type of person like me, I've put together a one page video tips series taken from that same PDF (It's just $27 and has 50+ very short and to the point videos.) here: 100 Random Furniture Flipping Tips Video Series.


If you didn't download the workbook and/or get a chance to watch Workshop 1, go here to grab it: Workshop 1.

If you're ready to watch Workshop 3 just click HERE.


Val Frania

2 thoughts on “Stand Out & Show Up F2”

  1. I have not started my business yet, but I have been reaching out to new flippers in the Facebook groups I am a part of and asking them things they would like to learn or have access to that they find hard to come by with the free information that already exists.


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