About Me

Who is this Val of Furniture Flipping Blueprint, Furniture Flipping Forum, Love My DIY Home, and Mom of Many?


Being married to Mark (DH), mom to 15 children, Grammie to 20 grandchildren, portrait photographer, writer, blogger, furniture flipper, graphic designer, church goer, gardener, and now FFB membership owner, keeps me the busiest person I have ever met. And believe me, I meet myself coming and going!

Having been in full-time ministry for many years the DIY part of our life began during our humble beginnings and grew into an obsession which morphed into furniture flipping - buying old out-dated unwanted furniture and making it beautiful again. Some pieces we keep, but most have been redesigned and sold to others who appreciate one-of-a-kind art. Yes, furniture flipping is art.

My first blog which is still online as where I have shared our parenting experiences. I learn, I share. It's what I do.

About Us

Our Vision

Founded in July of 2013 and based in Wisconsin, Love My DIY Home became the humble beginnings of our DIY/Furniture Flipping Community.

From there we have branched out to our online FB business page and store where we feature our projects as well as others we find would helpful to our readers.

Our Facebook group, Furniture Flipping Forum, over 37,000 members strong, grew out of our LMDH business page and blog, Love My DIY Home when we saw a need for daily advice and support for our furniture flipping friends on Facebook. Many wanted to do what we do but hadn't an idea of where to start. I also saw a need for kindness and support for those in the field of art - the world isn't always kind to artists.

Our newest group, Furniture Flipping Basics has been created for the new furniture flipper - the basics need to be nailed down first.

Seeing the need for step-by-step instruction, we have gathered a plethora of information to place on one convenient site, Furniture Flipping Blueprint, where members will find valuable information at their fingertips without having to spend hours online watching video after video to find what they were looking for.

We now have two FFB memberships tailored for different stages of the pursuit of skills: FFB Redesign and FFB PRO.

There are many more facets to our endeavors, which can be seen on One of our newest benefits for our members is Furniture Flipping Market. This online redesign store is there to supply great products to my members at a discount.

Our main commitment is on our Furniture Flipping Blueprint membership, the final and most beneficial destination for our artist friends.

Furniture Flipping Blueprint