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This 5-week course is for the beginner who would like a step-by-step easy tutorial to get started on furniture flipping. You will receive instructions along with a short video of Isaac, a 12 year old, demonstrating each step. All weeks are opened up for immediate access for you to set your own pace through the course.

    • Cleaning
    • Sanding
    • Painting
    • Creating Background
    • Stenciling
    • Topcoating

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Ruby IG2


Ruby, an ordinary ol' end table, is the star of the show in this 10+ video course designed specifically for a recent Facebook challenge, "Let's Flip Together". I take you step by step through all the techniques:

    • Paint Layering
    • Dry Sanding/Distressing for an Aged Look
    • Topcoating
    • Stenciling/Stencil Layering
    • Using Retique It & Creative Graining
    • Staining and Antiquing with Java Gel
    • Embellishing with Gold Wax

Included is my video "A Prep Talk" outlining the different prep steps. Videos are short and to the point.

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This video course is for the beginner or mid-level furniture artist who would like a step-by-step easy tutorial. Watch me as I walk you through the transformation of a Stanley sideboard - all via video. Lots of practical advice and tips included too!

    • Cleaning
    • Repairing
    • Sanding
    • Painting
    • Blending
    • Framing/Stenciling
    • Using Retique It
    • Topcoating


Bonus videos include staging, lighting & The Prep Talk.

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100 TIPS Video Poster


Have you ever had trouble sleeping because something is bugging you? Have you ever run into a furniture redesign issue that drove you nuts because you couldn't figure it out?

I have. I watched all the videos, asked all the questions, tried so many different methods and fallen asleep thinking about it and woke up the next morning thinking about it. Once a method dogged me for two weeks until I figured it out!

Well, no more. Know why? Because I've spent YEARS researching and trying out methods and techniques and then have shared them with my Blueprint members so THEY don't have to fall asleep and wake up frustrated.

Now I'm sharing a lot of my tips with you - some in video, some in a short slide show. As an added bonus, the 100 Random Furniture Flipping Tips PDF is included.

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TTM is an online (non-Facebook) community for women of faith who would like to build relationships with others of similar lifestyles and belief systems. Do you endeavor to please God with your life and follow Him? Then you are invited to join us! We have made this a safe community where we can enjoy conversations with others who are like-minded.


The main page is for all conversations of all members, but we also have subgroups for specific topics for even more privacy and targeted conversations:

    • Uncensored Seniors - For over 50's
    • Fur Babies - Convos about our pets
    • Dealing With Tough Kids - Parenting or grandparenting "interesting" children
    • Books, Books, Books! - Sharing and discussing good books
    • Health
    • Braggin' on the Grandkids
    • Household Tips
    • Absolutely Amazing Recipes Worth Sharing
    • Dollars & Sense - Financial Convos
    • Memes
    • Prudent Preparedness - Prepping & preparing
    • Politically Conservative Conversations

Come help us build a community that is a safe place for support and sharing!

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