Workin’ on an Ol’ Window

DO YOU KNOW HOW TO REGLAZE A WINDOW? From time to time we’ll run into the need to fix, modify or update an old window, whether it be on a house or a decorative antique for the wall. I’m re-doing one for my living room so I’ll have a decorative background above my couch so … Read more

Transferring Images

Transferring Images I Have Been Researching Image Transfers – not the ModPodge method of gluing on an image, but the genuine transfer of an image directly to your item, whether it be a piece of furniture or other project. Some of you have asked how, so here are some helpful links to many different methods … Read more

Raised Stenciling

Raised Stenciling 1. Do your prep. 2. Use metal scraper, credit card, anything flat and inflexible to apply a medium thick coat of the vinyl spackling over your stencil. 3. Smooth. 4. Remove stencil and let dry. 5. Don’t rinse all the spackling off in your sink or it may clog. First clean your stencil … Read more

Video Tutorial – Bringing Value to the World Through Art

Bringing Value to the World Through Art A Video Tutorial “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Vincent Van Gogh   Taking your time and experimenting and experiencing is what makes a great piece of art. It’s good to plan out your process and prepare with products at the ready. … Read more

Hall Tree – Antique Door + Antique Radio Base

Hall Tree Upcycle From an Antique Door and Radio Cabinet Base THE INSIDE STORY   About 4 years ago… We bought several doors at an auction house that had been stripped off a house that was being torn down. The house was over 100 years old and falling apart. Since the chippy look is popular … Read more

Furniture Flipping Blueprint