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When you join you will find 15+ modules. Each are labeled and easy to navigate. They are split up and ordered according the the different steps you need to take from finding your piece to taking it to market. Each is listed below in order with a detailed description.

Module 10 has technique tutorials that will be available weekly one at a time for several weeks after you join - we don't want you overwhelmed! These a "step up" from the basics that will aid you in making sure your pieces stand out in this every growing crowd of furniture flipping.

You can navigate from the welcome new members page and within each module and page via a menu.


These will be added over time as I discover new helps for your journey. They are listed at the bottom of the menu on each module under "Bonuses".


MODULE 1 - Prep & Repair Tools & Products

The best products to try are those recommended by others in the same niche. I've listed products recommended by others along with those I personally recommend and use. Products with *** in front of them are brands or products I've used and liked. If you click on the the name of the product you will be taken to Amazon or similar online market. Most are affiliate links for your convenience.

Tips are included with inside scoop from experienced flippers under many of the products.

You will find recommended strippers, primers, odor blockers, thinners & cleaners, bonding agents, tools, fillers and more.


MODULE 2 - Prepping Your Piece

Have you wondered what is your first step and how to go about it? This module deals with prepping your pieces - cleaning, sanding, stripping, repairing and priming with step-by-step directions, product suggestions, tips and options in both written and video form.

Prep is the foundation of a good piece - get the low-down on the proper way to insure a long lasting finish. Dispel all the myths and confusing advice.

This information separates the professional from the hobbyist. Once you get on the right path of preparing your pieces for your art, you will be more confident in the quality and longevity of your product. There's nothing more stressful than trying to figure out what to do and how and then hoping that what you did was sufficient to turn out a great piece. No more wondering.

I cover cleaning steps and choices of products with explanation, sanding and the different types of sanders and sandpaper, deglossers, strippers (how, why & what kinds), heat guns, & priming with tips along the way.


MODULE 3 - Repairing Your Piece

This module gives you a more detailed how-to for repairing your pieces - with product suggestions, tips and options in both written and video form. Find out how to fill holes, repair broken parts, and how to fix or strip veneer.

Get the scoop on brands of fillers, how and when to use them, gluing and clamping cracks in wood, how to repair broken pieces by sculpting a replacement part, by using a mold, etc.

Repair techniques will be added as new videos are made.




MODULE 4 - Paint, Stain, Glaze, Topcoat Tools

The best products to try are those recommended by others in the same niche. I've listed products recommended by others along with those I personally use. Products with *** in front of them are brands or products I've used and liked. Tips are included to give you the inside scoop from experienced flippers.

Listed and described are sprayers, shelters, finishing products, applicators, brushes, safety products, along with demonstrating videos.



MODULE 5 - Paint, Stain, Glaze, Topcoats Explained

We are all different. We have had different experiences with different projects. No two projects are the same, nor do we all have the same vision for our piece. Not all products will serve all of our needs. So we take a look at what is out there for you to choose from to give you a leg up on choosing products for your piece.

This module lists the different types of paint like latex, chalk, and milk paint etc. and explains the differences, describes them and lists advantages and disadvantages of each. Glazes, stains, dyes and top coats are also listed and discussed.

Included is a cheat sheet for testing furniture finishes and a long list of paint companies in a linked Google spreadsheet.


MODULE 6 - Paint Your Piece

This module is chock full of paint tips, processes, explanations and options. Should you use a sprayer, roller or brush? How DO you use a sprayer and when and why?

You'll find how-to videos on spraying, avoiding brush strokes, tips on using specific paint types, etc. Included are Tip of the Day videos on things like using household items to make your job easier, how to protect your paint in the can, etc. Much of what you will find here came from years of experience.

Included are a bunch of helpful how-to videos. Want to avoid mistakes and gain insider tips? This is THAT module.


MODULE 7 - Stain Your Piece

This module explains the different types of stain, how to prepare your surface for a better outcome and has tips along with videos on different ways to stain - with both traditional stain and gel stain.

You will find tips,  tutorials and video on how to use Java Gel painted on.


MODULE 8 - Protect Your Piece

There are many types of sealers and top coats to choose from - this module clears up the confusion and explains how and why to use each of them. Though preference comes by use, it helps to know the ins and outs of each product and its application.

Are you intimidated by top coats? Included are demonstration videos and written how-tos on oil and water based polycrylics. Spraying is also addressed and demonstrated. Once you get the tips and see the how-tos, your confidence will soar!


MODULE 9 - Distressing & Aging

There are many ways to give a faux finish that appears to have been created over time - it's a pick your fave type of thing. Or...try them all and become proficient at creating the different types of looks. This a resource containing many of the methods most have never heard of. Most stop at distressing and don't continue to grow in perfecting this technique. Here is your chance to grow in this area.

  • Distressing using: sandpaper, a damp cloth & layers, using petroleum jelly, vinegar, no prep, & wax
  • Aging using: vinegar & steel wool, tea & baking soda


MODULE 10 - Techniques

This is a module full of more than a dozen bonus techniques delivered on a week for 12+ weeks. Some are tutorials, others are a culmination of the best videos; some are a combination.

  • Creating Texture
  • Dry Brushing
  • Raised Stenciling
  • Glazing
  • Saltwash
  • Layering
  • IOD Transfers
  • Seven Products, 4 Techniques
  • Retique It
  • Decoupage

More will be added over the next few months!


Module 11 - Specialty Tools, Resources & Products

There are many resources out there that will make your process easier - sometimes we can turn a 2 hour job into a few minutes iwth the right tool or product. Here you will find some of the products and tools the more experienced flippers are using . It's not about saving money or getting by - it's about having the right tool or resource to get the job done and to do it correctly and in a timely way.

  • Glues, fasteners & clamps
  • Tools for design
  • Specialty brushes
  • Online hardware stores
  • Stencil & trims options

Module 12 - De-stressing the Pricing Process

This is the first in the marketing series.

Pricing and all that goes into it can be a tough part of the marketing process. This module talks about the psychology of pricing, dealing with low ballers and trolls, the tow types of furniture artisans, knowing your market, how and when to haggling, maintaining professionalism, dealing with difficult customers, etc.

You absolutely can de-stress this process and be confident in your price points.


MODULE 13 - Staging Your Finished Piece

Entire websites have been devoted to displaying wares. Here you will find practical advice on the process. This is a huge module.

  • Lighting - how and what to use
  • Backdrops & flooring
  • Sheen or shine - showing off your piece
  • Detail shots
  • Presenting ourselves professionally
  • Props & accessories
  • Examples of great staging

MODULE 14 - The Marketing Process

Every market is different, yet most customers are pretty much the same. We need to establish our avatar, know our area and what sells, research our advertising avenues and hash out the business end of things like taxes, our state laws, and best options for reaching our customers, whether it be with a brick and mortar store, booth, in our homes, and/or online, there are many things to consider.

  • Finding project pieces
  • Taking the right photos and having great descriptions for your listings
  • Advertising
  • Logos/watermarks
  • Pricing suggestions



MODULE 15 - Delivery, Care Tags, Invoices, Etc.

Our brand name should evoke a feeling of trust. Use professional looking tools such as care tags, price tags, invoices etc. This module will help you add your own personal touches.

  • Disclaimers/contracts specific to your type of coustomer
  • Sales contracts/invoices
  • Storage agreements
  • Custom work contracts

Doing things right can earn us respect as well as return customers.

Mark Frania

Mark Frania


Veneer Scraper, Furniture Fixer, Paint Stripper

"Creativity takes courage."

- Henri Matisse

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