Technique Videos

These videos are very short and to the point to help you get started on your piece.

New Techniques a Bit Intimidating?

I've put together a few of the videos that I am using in my membership course, Furniture Flipping Blueprint, that may be a help to you as you go through this challenge. They will be available only during this challenge since they are borrowed from FFB. FFB has dozens of videos to help you advance in your furniture flipping skills. You will have the opportunity to join FFB at the end of this challenge, but for now, you can use them for your current flip.

Do not share this page with anyone outside of our "Let's Flip Together" challenge.

The techniques we use to make our pieces stand out are not necessarily difficult or require an extreme talent. Often the only thing we need to get the courage and confidence to try something new is to just SEE how it's done - it can make all the difference.


Topcoating the Easy Way


Light Distressing, Blending & Glazing

Raised Stenciling

Retique It Liquid Wood

To see the full tutorial >>>  A Shiny New Dresser For Our Master

Minimizing, Eliminating or Using Brush Strokes

This is a 20 minute workshop video I used a few months ago when the Blueprint enrollment was open. The first part talks about business practices (protecting our brand,  having a good reputation on social media, and dealing with customers and fellow flippers), but at the 14 minute mark you will find a demonstration of a few techniques I use to minimize, eliminate or use my brush strokes for the different looks I want to achieve. Feel free to jump right to 14:00 for the demo.