Module 11 

Specialty Tools Resources & Products

Lots of Resources!

First, we have lists of the products that make our furniture flipping easier, better quality, or more unique. New products will be added along the way.

Below that, you will find company listings that provide materials to upgrade, upcycle, re-design or improve our furniture pieces. Some offer discounts to members of Furniture Flipping Blueprint.

Before purchasing, be sure to read reviews and compare prices. Many listed are affiliate links for your convenience.

Specialty Tools/Products/Resources


Titebond Wood Glue - One-part wood glue, water-resistant, indoor or exterior use, excellent sand ability.

Gorilla Wood Glue - water based adhesive with great holding power.  Requires 20 - 30 minutes of clamp time, fully cures in 24 hours, for use indoors or outdoors

JB Weld Quick Setting Epoxy - Fast setting two-part epoxy system for wood bonding and repairs. Sets in 6 minutes and cures to a light tan color in 1-3 hours and can be shaped, tapped, filed, sanded and drilled.

Goo Gone - for removing gooey messes - stickers, wax, markers, crayons, glue, tar, window decals, glitter, gum, labels etc. The citrus essential oils can be used as well.

Furniture Repair/Reconstruction/Redesign

Leg Attachment Plates - add interest, height, or update a look

Hair Pin Legs - Popular MCM legs for coffee tables, etc.

Furniture Gripper Pads - Place under furniture legs to protect floors and helps level furniture in hardwood and carpet situations.

Clamps - use for repair work, holding up your backgrounds for staging or for any of a dozen different uses. These are useful to have around.

  • Band Clamps - For securing four corner gluing
  • Spring Clamps - to hold backdrops, etc.
  • Bar Clamps - use to secure glued wood pieces. These range in size from a few inches to 36+.
  • Pipe Clamps - these are great for larger projects, just buy the length of pipe necessary for your piece

Rotary Tool - use the different attachments to carve, sand and reshape wood.

Tack Puller - to pull out staples, tacks, brads in upholstery

Work Bench - portable, compact sawhorse/work table

Lead Test Kit - Detects lead on most surfaces within 30 seconds.

Furniture Moving/Packing/Storing

Furniture Sliders - For moving furniture around on carpet - great for those of you who have to move furniture around in your house to stage your pieces.

Permanent Glide Disks - Permanent nail-on furniture disks for table and chair legs.

Shrink Wrap - Packing and packaging, sealing jars and paint cans

Shoulder Dolly 2-Person Lifting and Moving System - users can move and lift heavy, bulky furniture.

Furniture Dollies - For moving heavy furniture pieces easily

  • Four Wheeled - works great under pieces to easily move with one finger while painting
  • Tri-dolly - For placing under chair legs or spread out under large pieces for mobility
  • Hand truck (dolly) - For carrying heavy boxes, furniture, etc

Tools for Design

IOD Transfers - rub on transfers that can be distressed.

Stencils - these are reusable, which is an advantage over transfers. See below for a list of the many stencil companies.

Transfers - The Graphics Fairy has a plethora of image transfers you print off and transfer onto your projects. You can also find them on Etsy.

Decorative Rollers - Iron Orchid Designs has about a dozen different rollers to add patterns to your pieces.

Silicone Molds - for making your own decorative appliques. Paper clay is the most popular medium used in these molds.

Cricut Machine - make your own decals

Specialty Brushes

Stencil Brushes

Round and Oval Brushes - I use these for waxing and chalk type paints. There are several good brands  - I use only quality brands that don't lose bristles:

Detail Brushes - My three favorite brands are:

Chip Brushes - These may not seem like specialty brushes, but because of their versatility and inexpensive nature, we can use them for more than just a throw-away brush.

  • Use with oil based products as a "one-and-done" brush. Just throw it away when done.
  • Trim off the jagged edges to make it flat and use it to stipple your paint for a textured look.
  • After having used it to paint, wipe off the excess onto a paper towel so that there is just a little bit of paint left and let it dry. Now you have a brush with a more solid bristle that you can use to create a patina effect where you just dab on a little bit of paint or you can use it for a variation of the dry brushing method.

Online Hardware Store Links for Knobs, Pull, Hinges, etc.

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