A Hallway Artist Canvas

Master Hallway – An Artist’s Canvas Let’s expand the use of our talents! I figured if we can completely transform a piece of furniture into a work of art, then why not other things like walls, clothing, ceilings, and all kinds of decor? So here is my master hallway. I’ve not decided if I will … Read more

The Top 2% Challenge

What Does it Take to Be In the Top 2%?   Let’s talk a bit about what we can do as entrepreneurs to move the needle. What changes can we make in our personal lives to make our days more productive, help us develop more courage, determination, and confidence, that will ultimately bring us more … Read more

Staging Challenge!

We get better at our craft by learning new ways, working at perfecting what we do know, and with practice and action. Hence this challenge – Create or improve your space that will allow you to showcase your pieces in the best way possible. This will be an in-process monthly bonus. I will add to … Read more

Applying a Large Transfer

Applying a transfer is easy once you know the ins and outs of how to apply it. Take your time, be systematic, and be meticulous. This transfer took me 30 minutes to apply. It was a little finicky, but I was able to get it all down with a bit of elbow grease and patience. … Read more

Scheduling with Consistency & Purpose

Week #1 Showing you my planner, how I organize my schedule and why. Showing you specifics… This next video is of a screen share showing how I repurpose on all of my social media platforms. If you choose to use Instagram for one of your platforms, post regularly on IG (at least 4x/week), and work … Read more

Using Planoly for Instagram Marketing

If you are planning to add Instagram to your repertoire of marketing efforts, being able to schedule posts will be a great time saver. I’ve done a quick video run through of Planoly and how to use it for IG. Instagram is a very visual type of social media, so that’s why many furniture flippers … Read more

Video Set Up Tips

Some have asked how I set up for my videos and what I use, so here is a run down:   When only recording with my IPhone (usually to video tutorials) I use an iphone holder on a tripod. Here are the two types I use. My iPhone is held by a smart phone mount … Read more

New Tips and Product Reviews

Tips, Tricks & Products * SAVING YOU TIME, MONEY AND EFFORT * Tip of the Day – Getting in the Nooks & Crannies Tip of the Day – Centering Your Stencil Pattern Hand Painting is Easy Tip of the Day – Closing Lids

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL From an estate sale came a dirty old mirror, with nothing special about it other than the potential I saw in it. It sat in my workshop for months waiting to be transformed until my daughter, Devin, saw it and could picture it in her house. Here vision was yellow. … Read more

Planners, Apps & Opportunities

Planners, Apps & Opportunities   Are you a planner? Do you write lists and cross things off as you accomplish each item? Right click and save: Useful Apps or Programs for Your Different Devices I have Apple products, so you may need to find some of these types of things in your brand of products … Read more

Furniture Flipping Blueprint