Rotary Tools – Part 2

Power Tools Rotary Tools – Part 2 Isaac is back with part 2 of his rotary tool demo. Repairing hard to reach places, smoothing, defining and trimming is difficult without the right tool. He uses the rotary tool along with a contour scraper to define and clean up an area on a parlor table. There … Read more

Rotary Tools – Part 1

Power Tools Rotary Tools – Part 1 Isaac is back to review another power tool for you – have you tried using a rotary tool yet? Use this tool when you have detail work and want to save yourself some time and effort. Let me know if you’ve used a rotary tool on your furniture … Read more

Background Using Decorative Roller

A New Decorative Background Effect For a while now I’ve been trying out different ways to create backgrounds. I find they are the one piece of the puzzle many miss when creating an interesting design on furniture. To stand out. To be different. To show skill and creativity. One of the tools I’ve considered is … Read more

How to Hang Plaques Perfectly and Easily

How to Hang Plaques Perfectly and Easily >> USING TAPE << We don’t just do furniture do we? Sometimes we create plaques, frames, and other decor for our customers or ourselves that coordinate or compliment our pieces. Hanging them, whether it be for ourselves or to display them in our workshops and showrooms is a … Read more

Power Tools Overview – Cordless Screwdrivers & Impact Drivers

Power Tools Cordless Screwdrivers & Impact Drivers Do you use power tools when you work on your furniture? Do they intimidate you? I hear ya. If you’ve not had much experience with power tools, the thought of using them can give you pause. Isaac and DH are going to review some power tools for you … Read more

The Two-by-four Technique

I have a fun one for you! I call it the Two-by-four technique because I use a 2X4 as my paint brush. No, really. I do. I’ll show you how in this 7 minute video. Isn’t it fun to learn new ways to get the looks that appear so hard to accomplish! Now you can … Read more

Shadow Stenciling

Simple, yet effective, use shadow stenciling to add interest to any project. Here is a quick video for you:

Retique It Bendable Appliques

Bendable Appliques [ Retique It ] I like to find ways around things. When Michele Corwin, of Retique It, told me about bendable appliques that looked like wood, I was intrigued. She pointed me to a video that explained it, so I used the concept in my recent Retique It Challenge for you all. Here … Read more

Stand Out and Show Up Workshops

I’ve had several requests to see my Stand Out and Show Up Workshops from my April of 2020 FFB launch by Blueprint members, so here they are for your viewing pleasure. 🙂 If you have questions, feel free to reach out. I want to make your journey as easy as possible!

Growing & Maintaining Confidence Challenge

Think and Do the Right Things to Build and Maintain Your Confidence A STUDY ON CONFIDENCE Confidence Challenge #1Sometimes we put up boundaries not to keep others out and keep them from hurting or messing with us, but to keep ourselves safely tucked in. This can limit our ability to learn and grow, causing stagnation. … Read more

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