Willow Tutorial Videos from LFT 4/2023

WILLOW from the Let’s Flip Together Challenge 4/2023 Willow is the second project from the temporary pop-up FB group, Let’s Flip Together.  My son sold me this cabinet along with the blue buffet from which I created the “Complete Redesign Course. I paid just $40 for the two together. Crazy right? He set the price … Read more

Raised Stenciling

Raised Stenciling 1. Do your prep. 2. Use metal scraper, credit card, anything flat and inflexible to apply a medium thick coat of the vinyl spackling over your stencil. 3. Smooth. 4. Remove stencil and let dry. 5. Don’t rinse all the spackling off in your sink or it may clog. First clean your stencil … Read more

Furniture Flipping Blueprint