Christine's tutorials from the LFT Challenge 4/2023

Christine Breutzmann, a fellow FFB PRO member, joined me in the latest challenge. She came to my house several times and we worked on our pieces together, using the same products. We wanted to show how you can take completely different pieces and make them "match."

We had such a good time redesigning our pieces together. I enjoyed watching Christine's creativity take shape - she's pretty amazing, and I highly recommend that you get together with like-minded artists. You never know how you will be inspired and what you'll learn about our craft.


You can find each of my tutorials individually, here: LILY WILLOWTINY


1 Christine's before
2 Christines Before

All of our projects used the same basic products: LilyWillow Ultratique All-in-One PaintPolyacrylic and Bleached Liquid Wood with Weathered Wood Stain & Glaze, the Graining Tools and Wonder Brushes.

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1 & 2 After Pic2
1 After pic angle
1 After Pic
2 After Pic
2 After Pic open drawer2
2 After Pic side view
2 After Pic Drawer CU
2 After Pic cu stencil

Don't let the fact that it's hard to find matching side tables stop you from creating "matched" sets. You'll find buyers who like the different styles of furniture made to match. I find it so much more interesting than the cookie cutter pieces you find in stores that are mass produced.

Here are 4 of our pieces together:

All Four Pieces Staged

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