Christine’s Tutorial Videos from LFT 4/2023

Christine’s tutorials from the LFT Challenge 4/2023 Christine Breutzmann, a fellow FFB PRO member, joined me in the latest challenge. She came to my house several times and we worked on our pieces together, using the same products. We wanted to show how you can take completely different pieces and make them “match.” We had … Read more

Tiny Tutorial Videos from LFT 4/2023

TINY from the Let’s Flip Together Challenge 4/2023 Tiny is the third project from my temporary pop-up FB group, Let’s Flip Together.  Willow, Lily and Tiny were designed with the same Retique It products. I added Tiny, an antique nightstand, later in the challenge because I fell in love with the paint colors and didn’t … Read more

Willow Tutorial Videos from LFT 4/2023

WILLOW from the Let’s Flip Together Challenge 4/2023 Willow is the second project from the temporary pop-up FB group, Let’s Flip Together.  My son sold me this cabinet along with the blue buffet from which I created the “Complete Redesign Course. I paid just $40 for the two together. Crazy right? He set the price … Read more

Rotary Tools – Part 2

Power Tools Rotary Tools – Part 2 Isaac is back with part 2 of his rotary tool demo. Repairing hard to reach places, smoothing, defining and trimming is difficult without the right tool. He uses the rotary tool along with a contour scraper to define and clean up an area on a parlor table. There … Read more

Background Using Decorative Roller

A New Decorative Background Effect For a while now I’ve been trying out different ways to create backgrounds. I find they are the one piece of the puzzle many miss when creating an interesting design on furniture. To stand out. To be different. To show skill and creativity. One of the tools I’ve considered is … Read more

Applying a Large Transfer

Applying a transfer is easy once you know the ins and outs of how to apply it. Take your time, be systematic, and be meticulous. This transfer took me 30 minutes to apply. It was a little finicky, but I was able to get it all down with a bit of elbow grease and patience. … Read more

Raised Stenciling

Raised Stenciling 1. Do your prep. 2. Use metal scraper, credit card, anything flat and inflexible to apply a medium thick coat of the vinyl spackling over your stencil. 3. Smooth. 4. Remove stencil and let dry. 5. Don’t rinse all the spackling off in your sink or it may clog. First clean your stencil … Read more

Furniture Flipping Blueprint