WILLOW from the Let's Flip Together Challenge 4/2023

Willow is the second project from the temporary pop-up FB group, Let's Flip Together. 

My son sold me this cabinet along with the blue buffet from which I created the "Complete Redesign Course. I paid just $40 for the two together. Crazy right? He set the price and I didn't complain.

Willow, Lily and Tiny were designed with the same Retique It products. I added Tiny, an antique nightstand later in the challenge.

I called the set of three "Same but Different" since I used the same products to create a matched set from three completely different types of furniture.

The Lily tutorials are HERE.


Willow Before

All of my projects used the same basic products: LilyWillow Ultratique All-in-One PaintPolyacrylic and Bleached Liquid Wood with Weathered Wood Stain & Glaze, the Graining Tools and Wonder Brushes.

This one used Durham's Rock Hard Putty from Amazon for the raised stenciling.

Don't forget to use your 20% off code found in the Company Discount Codes Module if you order any Retique It products from FFM.

Willow B Money Shot
Willow Cabinet CU
Willow Knobs
Willow Open Doors IG
Willow Drawer
Willow CU2
Willow Top

Later in the challenge, I added a third piece, Tiny, an antique nightstand.

I had offered a 10% off to the buyer if purchased together. All three sold together in just a few days for $434 on FB Marketplace.

All Three End Tables

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